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What’s I-MPACT Marketing's approach to developing and adapting content for social media?

Updated: Feb 5

Our approach begins with an in-depth discovery to research and gather data, complete a client audit, and complete a competitive analysis. From there, we decide which networks to use, create audience personas, define voice, create content calendars, schedules, and use social media listening and look at performance metrics, to re-evaluate, adjust our strategy, test, and do it all again.

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Our internal learning cycle and processes, along with an in-house creative team, allows us the agility to change our creative or campaigns on an hourly or daily basis if needed. Our monitoring and dashboards tell us if we are trending toward our KPIs or if we need to pivot.

Only when our client is completely satisfied with the finished creative product do we release it to the world. No matter if it’s a special event, website launch, ad campaign, social schedule, or a product release, by the time it’s go-time, we’ll have worked with tirelessly to review, revise, and perfect even the smallest details. Our talented team then meticulously implements our tactics so nothing is left to chance as we take the new campaign to market.

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