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How iOS 15 Impacts Your Email Marketing Statistics

Apple's iOS 15 includes the release of Mail Privacy Protection for the Apple Mail app. This new feature will have a significant impact on email marketing campaign statistics. Read from Apple HERE

Changes to opened email statistics

Globally, around 40% of emails are viewed using Apple Mail on Apple mobile and desktop devices. With iOS 15, Apple device owners who've set up the Apple Mail app will be prompted to choose “Protect Mail activity” or “Don’t protect Mail activity”.

When Apple device owners choose “Protect Mail activity”, the Apple Mail app downloads emails received when the app is opened. For a marketing email, this automatic download is counted in campaign statistics as an email being opened. These false positive results increase the following statistics:

  • Opened email

  • Open rate

  • Recipients who opened your campaign

  • Recipients that did not open your email statistics

Tracking the success of email campaigns

Opened statistics won't offer a true representation of the success of an email marketing campaign after the iOS 15 update.

To track the success of your campaigns, review your Clicked statistics. Your Click rate shows how many recipients showed interest by engaging with your email. You can encourage your contacts to engage with your emails by adding a button with a clear Call To Action (CTA), such as “Shop Now” or “Order Online”.

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