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What’s I-MPACT Marketing's approach to and philosophy on community management?

Updated: Feb 5

Our view is that most brands could be better neighbors. They talk “at” their audience and not “with” them. They only post when they want something i.e “buy my thing, look at my thing, listen to my thing” and it’s not adding any value to the end user nor is it rewarding users for engaging (which is why you see massive brands with 2-30 comments instead of thousands.)

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Social media needs to be social. It is a two way street and communication should be treated as such. Not just in smart copy but in how responses are crafted and why they are written the way they are.

Our stance is that if we, as a brand, ask customers a question we expect them to answer and engage. If we ask if they had a nice day and they answer “no, it was a terrible day,” that is better than no answer at all and it provides us an opportunity to make it a better day!

Our approach is impact driven. Depending on the platform, each like is invited to the follow the page, every comment is responded to in a way that will drive further engagement, each share that can be seen & tracked is thanked, and each message is answered with the intent to provide over the top service while driving traffic / consumption.

Encouraging more engagement, rewarding attention, impacting algorithms, and driving traffic.

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