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What is I-MPACT Marketing's experience with social media franchise/series development?

Updated: Feb 5

Our team worked with DittyTV (a music live stream application available 24/7 on a variety of platforms that produces and broadcasts music videos, music news, artist profiles, album reviews, and tour and festival coverage) to help strategize and reposition them to become the #1 destination for americana music world wide.

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DittyTV was similar to MTV in the 90’s, but with music encompassing roots rock, gospel, rockabilly, outlaw, honky-tonk, folk, traditional country, blues, bluegrass, soul, and americana music videos broadcast 24/7 with twelve (12) separate daily series / shows that air at specific times of the day. Each series features an engaging host / VJ that introduces the viewers to Grammy award-winning artists, new releases from today's top artists, and up and coming new bands people will come to love.

It was our agency’s job to come in, fuel word of mouth, develop distinctive social content, drive engagement and follower growth as well as consumption, and app downloads across platforms as such as: Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, ChromeCast, Viewed, Samsung, LG, and Alexa on mobile, computer, tablets, and TiVo-equipped cable boxes.

We started with unique art and marketing content for the twelve distinct shows, live streaming concerts, and on demand functionality as part of the dozen arms of the larger Ditty TV ecosystem. Tying into the live schedule, we married this stream of shows with content that drove a dynamic listening and viewing experience..

From branding each show with custom art for their 12 daily episodes, our team was tasked with making over 4,000 pieces of platform specific art over the year term of the contract, which could only be managed through branded, scalable and templated systems that were recognizable for each show in the series. These developed brands carried across social channels and informed all show-specific marketing design efforts, content & development, partnerships, campaigns on paid, owned, and earned channels, with a consistent visual language that represented the brand as a whole, advertising, and music industry relationships.

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