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Should you change your email strategy?

How has your email strategy and philosophy changed since the onset of the pandemic, if at all?

Our email strategy has certainly changed since the onset of the pandemic! From correspondence with other marketers and entrepreneurs we’ve found that 50% of the clients and colleagues agree that their strategy has changed as well.

Over the course of the year we tracked data across industry, sector, genera, and demographic and found that 56% say they've been sending a higher volume and 49% say they've been sending email at a higher frequency.

When the pandemic and economic uncertainty of 2020 changed the business world we, as an agency, increased our email marketing efforts by 36% and did see an average increase in email open rates of 15% as well as an increase in engagement.

The ways we changed our approach was broken down to 4 specific approaches:

  1. Deliver VALUE in your email above all


  3. SWITCH UP your sender or domain

  4. COMMUNICATE across departments on results and trends that move the needle and ensure web, social media, advertising, media buying, and sales teams have the data they need to succeed.

Call us today to discuss your path forward to success during these unprecedented times.

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