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Michelle Tigard Kammerer | Episode 06 The Golden Rules

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

On episode 06 of The Golden Rules, National Director of Promotion for Big Machine Label Group Records, Michelle Tigard Kammerer, stops by the studio and we talk about: #Musicbusiness

- How she got into the music business

- How she 10x's everything

- Her golden rules for success in life and business

#QOTD: Make sure your work and conduct, speak for itself

- Play chess, not checkers

- Treat people with respect

- Bloom where you are planted

- Never eat lunch alone

- Stay true to you

- Be the best you can fro the people around you

- Chase joy

- Follow your morals for big decisions

- Spread Joy

Michelle Tigard Kammerer, is 14 years music industry vet with music industry experience in booking, management, strategic partnerships, label operations and radio. As a booking agent, she has booked shows in Arenas, Coliseums, Amphitheaters, Fairs and Festivals throughout the entire US and Canada for mega-agency CAA, Creative Artist Agency.

After 6 years at the agency, she transitioned to CRB (Country Radio Broadcasters and Country Radio Seminar) as the Director of Brand Marketing and Strategic Partnerships working with brands like Coca-Cola, Loews Hotels, and Virgin America Airlines. Michelle had the opportunity to begin working with, the force of nature, Big Machine Records after a few years at CRB in Nashville.

michelle tigard kammerer big machine the golden rules grayscale marketing nashville
michelle tigard kammerer

She currently serves as the National Director of Promotion for BMLG Records - Big Machine Label Group, where she has worked with incredible artists including Florida Georgia Line, Lady Antebellum, Steven Tyler, Justin Moore, Montgomery Gentry, Billy Currington, Brett young, Maddie and Tae to name a few.

She has worked with artists and teams earning dozens and dozens of number one hits and millions of albums sold and streamed. Been mentioned and featured in Billboard, music row magazine, all access, and every other major music industry publication you can think of. And she has done it all the right way.

MTK's relentless drive, passion for music, and ability to build relationships is unparalleled. She holds herself and those around her to a high standard of effort and truth. It's infectious. When you around her you want to do better and be better because she is the type of leader and person that pulls that out of you. She will be one of the few that lead Nashville and the music industry one day, and we will all follow, happily.

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